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Tim Davis is a genius. He was able to come into our company with a perspective from outside of the company and see areas where we could improve that we didn’t even realize because we were so caught up in our business running us instead of us running our business.  He put systems and automation in place that saves us time so we can focus on the things that matter most.

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Tim at Modern Marketing Online has done a stellar job over the years in generating over 4,100 buyer leads for my Real Estate Business.  At times we’ve had to turn the campaigns back because I couldn’t keep up with all the leads he’d generate.  Having a steady flow of leads is invaluable to my business.


Your free consultation will be with Tim Davis that has been marketing online full-time for over 11.5 years!  Tim has managed large campaigns and sold millions of dollars of e-commerce, is an author, consulted many established companies & startups and generated millions of leads over his career. He has a passion for marketing and boosting conversions. Make sure to book your consultation today that is valued at $250!